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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 17, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> ama: a soggy saturday night, rain pouring down across the bay area, and it's not over yet. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. we have team coverage. cornell bernard is live in millbrae where he has been keeping an eye on the storm, but we begin with leigh glaser. >> leigh: this frontal system, fast mover. already starting to see some clearing in the north bay. with live doppler 7hd you can seal the dividing line between the north bay and this where is the frontal system is, and continues to spread rain, mainly towards the east bay and south bay locations. and you can get a sense how quickly this thing cleared, about 8:00. downtown san francisco, picked up a quarter inch of rain in just 25 minutes. yeah. some pretty good storm cells moving through. brief heavy downpours and then moves out. it's hard to keep up with these
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cell. concord, walnut creek, picking up light rain. clayton road reporting some mod recall cells. all of this moves towards the brentwood area. we're finally starting to see showers move toward the south bay, san jose and sunnyvale reporting rain. more of the forecast coming up. >> ama: let's get to cornell bernard, live in millbrae. reporter: we have seen a lot of wet, wild weather all across the bay area tonight, and as leigh mentioned, not over yet. but it is creating a bit of stress for the folks from the north bay to daily city. >> the rain began falling in the north bay about 6:00. getting the attention of these neighbors who live in marin mobile home park, a place which has flooded in years past.
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>> neighbors have lost cars in flooding in the post, and homes have been damaged. and i lost a bunch of christmas decorations. >> with the high tides and the rain, it could flood. >> there's nothing you can do yeah. it's kind of a helpless feeling. reporter: park residents are ready for rain and high water. lots of sandbags are on standby just in case. this is what happens when high tide meets rain runoff. 101 and 1 was flooded on saturday. business owners were loaded with sandbags to keep the water away and it worked. by nightfall, a new downpour sent folks running for their cars or anyplace dry. in san francisco, the city rain made driving on 19th avenue a bit of a challenge. here in daly city, so far so good. nearly two city blocks of these hay bales are reinforcing hill
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side park, the keen of a water main break. city crews are keeping watch on the flood and mud, now covered in hay. >> they worked very good, and nice, because they fix -- protect the community. reporter: protecting the community there for sure. and no one was hurt in the mudslide but folks did lose cars. i just got off the phone with officials and they say the hillside will be monitored all weekend along for any changes but so far it continues to hold. >> ama: things are looking good for skiers and boarders. the storm system is bringing rain and snow to the sierra. donner pass is expecting a foot of snore. boreal mountain might see up to 10 inches overnight. road conditions could be dicey going up there. today's colored weather
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caused major problems for athletes in sacramento. dozens of people were injured in a the spartan race, an obstacle course event, most injuries were due to cold and possible hype them cramp agent fire units and seven medical units had to respond. >> have thing thursday place to handle the incidents but got overwhelmed. at one time they had seven patients from difficulty breathing, hypothermia, 30 more in the field they couldn't get to, to help am many were warmed up and sent home. others transported to the hospital. fire officials say many came unprepared for the cold weather. rocket fire appears to be subsiding in the gaza strip as cease fire efforts game momentum. today both israeli and palestinian forces fired more rockets at each other. one bomb headed for tel aviv was brought down by a missile defense system. 75,000 evehiclists have been called up by israeli officials.
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[chanting] >> ama: some of the anger over the bombing in gaza was on display in san francisco. a propalestinan, anti-israeliy crowd marched down market street, they went to union square chan, while you're shopping, bombs are dropping. police report the rally was peaceful and tonight in bay area people are working on a solution. here's their story. >> instead of taking to the streets and shouting at each other, a group of jus and palestinians in san mateo is doing something often lost in the conflict. they're sitting down and talking to each other. escalating violence in gaza has kept her from getting any rest in the last few days. >> being miles away from home, i'm not -- from through would be sleeping, just living normally because i'm not feeling the guilty of being away from what they are going through there. reporter: she has been constantly connected to her palestinen friends in gaza
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through twitter and facebook. it's her friends here in the bay year she is turning to for support. >> i was having days in which i was crying, feeling angry. >> she is part of a group that meets every month in san mateo, made up of jus and palestinians. in the conflict zone they would likely not talk to each other. but here talking and listening is the whole point. >> the one thing that can dignify both people is to listen to each other. >> this couple has hosted hundreded of meetings. they want to make connections with palestinians in the bay area, and their hope is to export these conversations. >> there are things that government can do, like signing treaties. and there are things that the people can do, who are free from government, and that's building relationships. reporter: over the years they've organized summits and camping trips in yosemite where israeli
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and palestinian families had to spent days today. participants of that were in bethlehem his week, calling for a stop. >> it's a slow process. like a ripple in a big, big ocean. but of course in due time that ripple will get to the result. reporter: their hope is people on both sides of the conflict zone will begin pushing their leaders for a peatful solution, and soon. back to you. >> ama: there's also violence in the bay area. menlo park police report a man has been shot and killed on ivy drive. the victim was found lying in the street when police arrived. two male suspects were witnessed running away from the scene. officers say the a preliminary investigation shows the victim was in a vehicle when she shooting occurred and was not a resident of the area. >> san jose police released the name of the officer credit with saving another prime minister's
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life in a gun battle two robbery suspects old fire on an officer in his patrol car who was pursuing him. the officer in the car was a sitting duck said officials. a five-year veteran of the force returned fire when he got to the scene. one suspect was injured and arrested. the ice still on the loose. the officer in the car was slightly injured. students at vallejo high school were among the community members who came to honor police officer jim capoot one year after his death in the line of duty. ♪ >> ama: he was killed after a speed high-speed chase. he coached the girl's basketball team of vallejo high and was remember for his involvement in the local community. he his survived by his wife and three daughter. >> just loved coming to work every day. he loved his girls at vallejo high school. he talked about them like they were his own girls, and jim
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loved his community. he loved living here. and i want to thank you all for loving him back. >> ama: capoot was a 19 year veteran of the force. the head of the san jose diocese issued an apology for allowing a registered sex offender to attend an elementary school festival. mark gurry reportedly had a letter from the diocese when constant front by the police at a festival. bishop said tonight it was mistake to allow him to attend and volunteer at the event. he said diocese policy is no one guilty of child sexual abuse is to be allowed around children. >> still to come at 11:00, the lines are already forming for black friday, but not everyone is happy about those big deals. why some people want to see the shopping frenzy end. >> attacks on dolphins. the increase in injuries and what authorities plan to do about it. looks like a sea month
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>> ama: fans of comedian cat katt william are appearingry over a perform wednesday when she got in an argument with a heckler. >> [bleep], [bleep] [bleep] >> ama: eventually williams own security dragged him off the stage. ran audience member shared the video of the confrontation.
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police arrested williams after a brawl on a van. >> someone is killing and mutilating dolphins. the bodies of at least six dolphins have been found off the coast of mississippi, louisiana, and alabama. some shot, others stabbed with tools or jaws missing. >> an animal with a bullet in it. so there's something going on that i think it's important that everybody understand, it's not only cruel, but it's against the law, and it could -- it would be fined or sent to jail. >> ama: police are operating on the theory of some sort of rampage is behind the carnage. for the second anytime three years a fossilized skill ton -- skeleton has been uncovered in santa cruz. the bones appear to be a small whale between three and five million years old. in 2009, this set of bones were also found near pleasure point.
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low tide makes the bones visibility. the new bones won't be excavated because of its location in the water. classic cars and turkey, the perfect combination in san jose. the branch of the national el camino owners association donated over three-quarter of a ton of turkeys to a local food bank. the classic cars were loaded with food low income families desperately need. >> we were able to gather 5800 pounds of turkey, and just like the rain started and opened up, the gifts have been coming in today. it's been a fantastic day. >> ama: food bank officials tell us they're still short of food and money this thanksgiving season. but having today's donation made their goal easier to reach. bay area food banks are facing a turkey shortage, volunteers accepted donations today, as well as the marin food bank in novato.
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with less than a week until the holiday, the san francisco food bank is short 1700 turkeys. more than half the birds it knees for the traditional meal. we invite you to be part of the abc-7 share your holiday food drive on december 12th. we'll broadcast live from around the bay area, taking donations for local food banks. for more information and a location near you go to the holiday season kicks often tomorrow night at pier 39. the annual treelighting gets underway at 6:00. spencer christian will be there to host the ceremony. there's lots to do ahead of time. the celebration includes music, letters to santa, and visits from popular disney characters, all beginning tomorrow at noon. and hopefully we won't have the rain we had today. >> leigh: could be heavy mist of drizzle but i think the front will move through. a little partial clearing tomorrow afternoon. high definition sutro cam
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showing you a few cloud drift big the bay area. those of you in the north bay might see a few stray showers, but live doppler 7hd picking up the action toward concord, stockton. you can get a pretty good sense of where this divide line is, right here. and you can see how narrow this cold front it, bow, did it barrel in here on the last two to three hours. right know, oakley getting ready to get hit with moderate rain. you can see it in this trajectory here, back up towards the pittsburg area. we lad moderate rain just move through the castro valley area, union city and fremont. this batch of rain heading off towards the east there it's moving so quickly that each time we go ahead and spin live, you can see -- we sweep live, that
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is, you can see this live sweep is updating rapidly. son hey say, towards campbell, los gatos, morgan hill, finally starting to see some rain as the front moves into the area. stick around for an hour, hour and a half, and then it will be out of there and you will return to isolated showers overnight. they're picking up snow in the high country in the sierra nevada. the higher elevations. king's beach reporting just a light dusting of snow, truckee, still reporting rain. current temperatures there, 33 degrees. and blue canyon right now, some light rain as well. so, the snow levels are high now but will start to come down. santa rosa, over two inches from what we received this evening and last night. san francisco, close to an inch. oakland, over a half inch, and lesser amounts toward san jose. so it has been a nice rainmaker, overnight tonight. temperatures in the 50s and
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will remain in that zone overnight tonight. decreasing rain overnight. partial clearing by sunday afternoon, and looks like the showers will return as we head into late tuesday. you can see on our satellite radar composite just how quickly this ban moved through. these are clouds here and they could possibly still hold a few light showers. so, we'll say goodbye to the cold front and then we'll look for tomorrow morning, 5:00 a.m. a little bit of partial clearing but still possibly see a few stray showers here and there. so we'll keep enemy the forecast. if you're heading to the high country, we have a winter storm warning in effect there, and up until tomorrow morning that the snow levels build, bill start to come down. close to a foot of new snow expected above 7,000 feet. lows tonight, 50s and 40s, and highs tomorrow with afternoon clearing. upper 50s to low 60s. most locations, in fact it does look like we'll get a dry day on
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monday, and thickening clouds on tuesday with a chance of showers tuesday night, into wednesday. thanksgiving day right now looks dry. we'll have an update on sunday morning news beginning at 5:00 a.m. there you go. >> ama: thank you, leigh. shu, i got to give it to you, you called the game. >> mike: i get lucky. stanford played the game of the season in eugene, knocking off second ranked oregon in overtime, and the right foot of
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>> mike: nobody thought stanford could bet oregon in eugene. nobody. well, i did. the cardinal went up with a chip on their shoulder and oregon couldn't knock it off. oregon had the longes winning streak in the nation at 13 games, and hogan makes one guy miss, dives into the end zone. stanford up -0. third quarter, ducks take their first lead of the game. thomas punches in.
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now the fourth. stanford needed to put points on the board. word williamson, 43-yard field goal. come on. misses. still 14-7 oregon. more from him later. 1:45 to go in the game. hogan to ertz in the end zone. did he catch it? called incomplete but call reviewed and was reversed. a touchdown, shoulder got down. 14-14. hoeing goon threw for 211 and one td. ertz, 106 yards. overtime, oregon's maldonado from 40 yards out, misses. all stanford need is a field goal. womanson, redemption. makes it. stanford wins 1-14. they can clinch the pac-12 north with a win next week against ucla. afterwards david somehow talked about his kicker. >> missed a kick, and i like guys come off, lead off a little steam. then i went up to him, put my arms around him and looked him
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in the eye and said, time to grow up. i don't want to talk to you about how good you are, make the kick. and he said, i got you, coach. >> kind of blacked out, to be honest. definitely excited, running around, just felt great to be able to help the team out. they worked so hard throughout the game. i felt like i owed them. mike meek the upsets keep on coming, kansas state and baylor. nix nick florence to reese.
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>> mike: cal in corvallis taking on oregon state could be jeff fedford'd final game. and david fales is lighting it up again, highlights of
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>> mike: cal head coach jeff tedford didn't help his chances. could be his final game as head coach of the bears. he will meet with the athletic director as early as tomorrow. sean mannion goes deep. cook comes back to the ball to make the catch, and then cuts across the field. oregon state ahead 21-7. late second quarter, mannion again. 18-23 for 239 yards. four tds in the first half.
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beavers win. cal ends the season 3-9. san jose state hosting byu at spartan stadium for the first time since 1968. it was a sparty party. quarterback david fales came out swinging. airs it owl to griggsby. the extra point was blocked. spartans up 6- 0. second quarter, fales to grigsby. this time an 18 yarder. late fourth. byu, onside kick. the ball goes off chandler jones, who turns his back. byu covers. kurtis moving deep into spartan territory but san jose state defense comes up big. keith smith. causescauses the fumble. spartans improve to 9-2, holding off byu, 20-14. >> congratulations to stanford. >> ama: thank you, shu.
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just ahead, get ready for in the deals but you might be a bit behind already. why some folks are already lining up for black friday. why everyone is not happy about the biggest shopping day of the year. >> ama: music city. check out this kid's moves. we're going to show you more of this viral video that is sweeping the nation, when
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>> ama: good evening, i'm ama daetz in tonight's headlines, a second system of stormses bringing rain the bay area. residents are using sand bags to keep the water back. police in menlo park are looking for whoever killed man on ivy drive. two men were seen running away from the scene. a san jose police officer is being credited with saving a colleague's life. officer bruce bartholomew shot and wounded a suspect who opened fire on another officer inside a patrol car. >> a propalestinan, anti-israely crowd rallied in san francisco, denouncing the attacks on the gaza strip. >> new details about a missouri
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man accused of plotting to open fire at a screening of the new twilight movie. blake lambert is being charged with making a terror threat. the person who turned him in? his own mother. reporter: it was movie massacre that might have been but the suspected plot was stopped by a mother who turned in the suspect, her own son. his alleged target, the sunday showing of the newest twilight movie, breaking dawn: part 2. >> the mother of 20-year-old blake lambert called police last thursday. she said she was concerned her son was planning a copycat shooting sim layer to the aurora dark knight rises campaign. she told police her son was mentally ill and off his medication. when questioned by police, lambert allegedly confessed that he had two assault riffs and planned a mass shooting at this movie theater.
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he said he was inspired by the aurora, colorado, shootings, and described him as quiet, kind of a loner with homicidal thoughts. his friends in disbelief. >> i was shocked. i mean, he was in our house. i was real close to him. i helped him -- he told me he was going to use them for hunting. >> police say the plot was so far planned that he had already purchased a movie ticket. >> i was going to watch twilight breaking dawn with my family and friends. it is scary hearing this now. >> ama: lambert had been dedawned three years ago for allegedly threatening a wal-mart store clerk. he wasn't charged but was committed. >> 38 victims of the rampage in the colorado theater will divide the money collected. families of the 12 people killed and five people who suffered permanent brain damage will get
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$220,000 each. the lowest amount any victim will receive is 35,000. james holmes remains in jail for allegedly opening fire in the movie theater. >> wal-mart employees are planning to walk out on black friday. traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year. it's partly in response foe the company beginning its black friday sales at 5:00 a.m. and. >> half the work. might not walk out but a lot of them are proud of being the ones going to walk out, and they want to walk out. >> ama: opposition to extended shopping hours on thanksgiving night is growing online, target employee in california started a petition, calling or on stores to give back thanksgiving to employees the and they're families. now there's more than 40 petitions with 238,000 signatures. >> shoppers are already lining
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up for the black friday specials. this camper is outside best buy in san diego county. she hopes to save upwards of $2,000. she started camping more than a week ahead of black friday. and tents are going up outside best buy in ft. myers, florida. sean kelly and his family have claimed the first spot for six of the last seven years and plan have to thanksgiving day there. >> you can sniff your way to love. people at parties are using their keen sense of smell to find a mate. they bring a t-shirt they slept and then assigned a number. then everyone gathers around the table of shirts to sniff away. >> sniffing t-shirts, sounds weird, but people will do anything for love. >> ama: all comes down to pheromones. experts say they're as unique as a fingerprint and can't hurt if
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it helps find a match. >> gearing up for the holiday travel? thousands hit the skies and the roads for thanksgiving. plus. >> supposed to keep your bag safe but how safe is it really? i'm michael finney, a seven on your side investigation is ahead. >> leigh: we'll take another live look at live doppler 7hd. plus, speaking of travel. if your holiday travel begins
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>> ama: despite high gas prices and a struggling economy, more californians than ever will be traveling this thanksgiving holiday. more than 5.4 million of us plan to travel 50 miles or more. nearly 5 million californians will take to the highway and half of us will fly the friendly skies. if you are flying you may have thought about a preapproved lock to keep your lug luggage safe. agents can check the lug luggage with a master key but those don't always work. >> albert lee of san francisco travels for work twice a month. he is learned not to get his luggage locks back after using them. >> i'm always anxious to see
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whether at the lock will be there. >> leslie page of atlanta landed at s.f.o. with a similar story. >> sometimes i fine the lock has been tampered with, and my valuables are sometimes missing. >> a story tim has read over and over again. he works for the travel blog. >> it's been a low-level buzz for several years, and it seems to have spiked recently. >> he estimates its happened to him two or three times a year. it happened so much he started documenting it with pictures. here's a picture of the tsa lock on his bag before a trip to germany. here's video of the bag coming off the luggage carousel without the lock. >> i can't tell you why. i was told they had keys and my lock would be secure, and in fact -- >> at brookstone san francisco airport location, tsa approved
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locks sell for 20 bucks and are a popular item. store personnel tell us the combination locks are often sold out. exactly what is happening with the locks? well, that remains a question for debate. >> it may actually be a situation where tsa agents are pilfering items from the bags, and don't want there to be any evidence left over. >> the tsa tells "7 on your side" that in the fiscal year just ended they received 3500 complaints having to do with tsa approved locks. the report incidents of theft, they're quite small. just over 200 each year for the last three years from an estimated 1.8 million who traveled daily through u.s. airports. >> colon missing, things i purchased in europe. >> the tsa would not talk on camera, but a spokesperson told us by phone and e-mail there's
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no proof that its agents are clipping the locks. quote: physical baggage inspections to not require the tsa to damage tsa approved locks. as a last resort when tsa approved locks are unable to be opened, locks are cut. it went on to say for every tsa agent who touches a bag, another dozen airline employees touch it. this airline group says its members have put cameras along the track, and take measures to make sure baggage arrives on time and in the same way. >> it would be good to get my money back but more importantly i want some assurances and more proclaimation about standing behind their job as tsa agents. reporter: here's a few tips. consider when traveling. never pack in the valuable inside thunder luggage. keep them in your carry on.
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travel with solid but inexpensive luggage so not to be noticed by thieves, and if you run a problem, file a claim with the tsa. i have a link to a claim form on our web site, >> ama: now to a viral video racked up more than 15 million views. ♪ >> ama: that's william and he is two years old. the video was shot at the opening of a dance studio, and his parents are dancers. so that's where he gets his moves. so adorable. let's get to leigh glaser. >> leigh: he is a cutie. high there again, everyone. till you, it has been a foggy saturday night but the cold front is moving rapidly from north bay to south bay.
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live doppler 7hd has a good eye on it. you can see some moderate cells building a little bit out towards the stockton area, and all of this is quickly starting to the south. we should start get into a little partial clearing overnight tonight. although we're not going to rule out another chance of a few isolated showers in our sunday forecast. speaking of tomorrow, if you're getting a quick start on that holiday travel, new york city, slight chance of showers, 52 degrees there tomorrow. chicago, also systems go. sunshine, 58. st. louis, 61. look for thickening clouds and chances of showers. 68 in seattle. rains and 50 there. across our state, the higher elevations near the passes, the sierra nevada that's where you could possibly encounter some wicked wintry weather. with chains more than likely required. sacramento, few isolated showers. 63 and 67 for los angeles, with chance of a shower. we dry out on monday and then
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another chance of showers for the bay area tuesday night and wednesday. right now thanksgiving day, thursday, looks dry. and we'll start to warm things up for next weekend. >> ama: thank you, leigh. mike shumann is here with sports. you made a good call with stanford. >> mike: stanford pulled off the upset of the day. and will alec smith start monday night against the bears of a concussion last week? we have
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block. >> mike: the only question around the niners this week has been their health. jim harbaugh back in practice after an irregular heartbeat, and alex smith still practicing, hoping to be cleared monday. he is officially listed as questionable for the game after a concussion last week but continues to make strides. in fact all the tests but must go through a a contact drill before he can be cleared to play. joe staley knows what it takes to get back. >> final step is you have contact test. that can occur basically anytime up to the game. for me it was like i just basically had to bang against another person with my helmet. quarterback, probably be different. their job isn't consist of banging helmets.
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nobody thought snoompedz could beat oregon in eugene but the cardinal went up with a chip on their showered. oregon had the longest win streak of 13 games. and hogan, sect standard -- second start of the career. third quarter, ducks take their first lead of the game. thomas, punches it in. 14-7 ducks. fourth quarter, stanford needs to put points on the board. williams, the 43-yard field goal. misses. 14-7 oregon. 1:45 to development hogan to ertz. is this a catch? has it. bobbles it, goes down. reviewed it. call was reversed. it's called a touchdown, and we got a 14-14 ball game. hogan threw for 211 yards. ertz had 11 catches. overtime. georgetown misses this -- oregon misses this field goal.
11:54 pm
all stanford needed was a field goal to win. jordan williamson, rerecommendation. makes it from 37. stanford wins, they can clinch they pac-12 north with a win next week against ucla. >> he missed the kick, and i like for guys to come off, left off steam, and i went up to him, put my arms around him, looked him in the eye and said, time to grow up. i don't want to tack anymore about how talented you are. make the kick. and for the first time he looked me right in the eye and said, gotcha, coach. >> kind of blacked out to be honest. definitely excited, running around. felt great to be able to help the team out. they worked so hard throughout the game. i owed them. mike mook the upsets continue. kansas state take only baylor. less than 2:00 into the game. got behind everyone. 38 yards, baylor up 7-0 and the rout begins.
11:55 pm
cabs state, prolific offense held in check. meanwhile the bears rolling behind martin. third rushing touchdown. baylor knocks off kansas state 52-24. third ranked and undefeated norm dame hosting wake forest. big game for quarterback golson. airs out to john requestman. great grab. 50-yard score. notre dame ahead 21-0. remain perfect at 11-0, crushing wake forest 38-0. take over the number one spot tomorrow in the bcs. well, cal head coach jeff tedford did not help husband cause. final game as head coach of the bears of he'll meet with the athletic director tomorrow. beavers ahead 14-7. mannion goes deep. cook makes the catch. nice job here. watch this. cuts across the field in for the score. 48-yard touchdown. oregon state up 2 -- 21-7.
11:56 pm
four t.d.s in the first half, beavers win 62-14. cal ends their season at 3-9. meanwhile, san jose state hosting byu at spartan stadium. a sparty party and came down to a huge play from defense. david fales came out swinging. airs out to grigsby. score. extra point blocked. 6-0 spartans. second quarter. fales and grigsby hook up again. le onside kick. ball goes off jones. byu recovers, trailing. could youcougars drive deep in n jose territory. they hold off byu20-14.
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this sports report brought you by river rescue casino. >> ama: thank you, shu. thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us. have apractice"...
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you've been downgraded to acquaintance. i'm moving on. i was wondering if you would be interested in having a drink with me. oh. (sam) what we did the other night? not a sin. you do a lot for the practice. but i do it for you. i am not having sex with you just because


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